The power of self-belief

The power of self-belief.

Your fixed thoughts and opinions about yourself can act in both positive and negative ways and this fixed thought has created your world. If you want to change your world you need to change your thoughts. If you have had an unpleasant past that past doesn’t equate the future. New concepts creates a fresh future and being able to transform negative thinking into positive healthy thoughts which reflect high self-esteem helps us look beyond a dark situation to a future which is bright.

Although you may not always be able to avoid difficult situations, you can modify the extent to which you can suffer by how you choose to respond to the situation. We have all had difficulties in life from the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, the loss of a job. We all have everyday challenges that we all have to face, but the good news is we can choose how we let those situations define us. Once we learn to accept the situation which we find ourselves in we then can begin to learn from it and overcome it. What can seem like a negative situation can infact be a positive one if we can only see and realise it. View your life with kindsight, instead of asking “what was i doing” ask yourself “what was you learning“. Once you look at things from other perspectives we realise situations, events, and things that occur in our lifes can be interpreted from different viewpoints and in many different ways which then become valuable life lessons.

We are more than the worst thing that’s happened to us. I have found that the stories that people tell themselves and of themselves are deep rooted in negativity. I have always been curious as to why these events and characteristics take hold and what is it that makes people feel not good enough. Then it occurred to me that we take on so many thoughts and opinions of others and what society thinks is good enough and if for some apparent reason we do not match up to those labels we are anything less. The labels and limiting beliefs we choose for ourselves can stunt our growth if we do not learn to turn our automatic negative thoughts into more positive enhancing thoughts which automatically enhances our quality of life and most importantly our well-being and belief in ourselves.

What matters to you may not matter to others and that’s ok. All we can really do is be true to ourselves and follow our own paths in life and deal with our challenges as they appear. This helps us to become stronger and move us forward to achieving the goals and challenges we set for ourselves.

Have the courage to make the changes that will work for you. Strength comes from times of growth and change and other times from surviving and conquering painful situations. We all have a deep inner strength in ourselves, believe in yourself, for you are the most valuable person in your world.


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